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You are looking for a trusted gobo manufacturer? The Gobocompany produces everything from black & white to color up to multicolor Gobos for almost all established types of devices. We are looking forward for your order in our onlineshop or about an individual request.

GOBOCOMPANY starts its own online shop

As of November we have been offering our clients the opportunity of comfortably ordering Gobos on the Internet. Of course, we are still personally available for you at the telephone number +49 211 37 08 09!


What is a Gobo?

A Gobo (abbreviation of: Graphical optical blackout) is a mask (originally made of metal, today, frequently made of glass), which is stuck into a spotlight or projector in order to represent logos, patterns, text or images on a stage or for advertising. Similar to a slide projection, the projection is effected as a “shadow projection”.
The advantage of this technology is in the thermal resistance of the Gobos. In former times, these were cut out of thin sheet metal. Certain forms (for instance the letter "O") could not be perfectly represented. For this reason, the sheet-metal Globos were replaced with glass plates. These are provided with an aluminum layer which is subsequently removed, either by etching or with a laser. In order to enable multi-color representations, the aluminum layer is combined with dichroitic color filters.
Source: Wikipedia