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You are looking for a trusted gobo manufacturer? The Gobocompany produces everything from black & white to color up to multicolor Gobos for almost all established types of devices. We are looking forward for your order in our onlineshop or about an individual request.

GOBOCOMPANY starts its own online shop

As of November we have been offering our clients the opportunity of comfortably ordering Gobos on the Internet. Of course, we are still personally available for you at the telephone number +49 211 37 08 09!


Which colors can be represented with a Gobo?

Except for our standard colors (see table), we can represent almost any color by means of a CMYK mixture.

Pantone colors are very difficult to realize, as Pantone colors are not designed for a CMYK color mixture. Pantone use their own color systems, which are not available as dichroitic filters.
In addition, we can only regulate the coloring by means of the raster and not, as in printing, also through the amount of color, in order to achieve the correct values or the right coloring, respectively.

In addition, the temperature of the spotlight also influences the coloring.

The illuminants of the spotlights cannot reflect the entire spectrum of natural sunlight. The colors are, therefore, already distorted at this point.  The projection background, distance to the projection screen, and the output of the spotlights also have a strong impact on the results.
With so many individual factors, it is almost impossible to realize a color shade exactly according to a master. We will, however, do our utmost to realize the best possible implementation.